Freelance Web/Graphic designer, photographer & community campaigner



Team Anster

Recently I've had the pleasure to complete some design work for a wonderful group of people who have formed their own business and community group coalition, named 'Team Anster'. Team…

Goldenloch (images)

Found this wee gem of a place on a jaunt across Fife after a very shocking councillor meeting at Fife House. Needing to unwind, this was a perfect area to…

Sony DSLR A100 with image samples

The DSLR A100 is the first DSLR camera produced by Sony after they joined forces with company Konica Minolta in 2005. Konica Minolta then pulled out the camera business transferring…

Zerif Lite, ThemeIsle and Growing in Lochgelly

The voluntary environmental group ‘Growing in Lochgelly’ has recently had an overdue website makeover, going from a static website (one page) to a more interactive WordPress site whilst still retaining…

Local Schools and Health

Leafleting in Lochgelly, Cardenden and Benarty has given me the opportunity to talk with more people. On the streets people have willingly engaged with me and I have received several…

Election videos

Part of my background is in video production, which I have put to use for Loch of Shining Waters filming and editing local community events such as the Lochgelly Gala,…