Freelance Web/Graphic designer, photographer & community campaigner
Graphic/Web Designer, Volunteer and Community Campaigner

Tech, blogging, volunteering, graphic/web design, photography, digital activism and community-based campaigns are some of the things that I am passionate about. I am inquisitive by nature. I ask many questions of locally-elected representatives and publish the results online. Councillors love the attention and have warmly reviewed my work, publicly stating that I’m a ‘political agitator‘, ‘trouble-maker‘ and many more endearing names!


2002 - 2004

Subliminal Directions

Work with other volunteers delivering informal media workshops (Audio, Graphic/Web) to socially excluded individuals. Web Design and Graphic Design

2004 - 2006

Subliminal Directions (employment)

Co-ordinate staff and volunteers on Web Design and Graphic Design projects. Deliver informal media workshops (Audio & Graphic/Web Design) to socially excluded individuals. Develop in-house marketing materials (print & web). Develop marketing materials (Print & Web) for commercial clients. Co-ordinate film projects, including hands-on camera operations. Create audio for film projects and other media based projects (flash animation, etc.). Project management and development.

2005 - 2006

School for Social Entreprenuers

2003 - 2010

Concepts (ART)
Board Member
Develop and manage online art gallery platform to allow artists to promote their work for free to a potential global audience. Duties included server maintenance, theme development and coding of plugins, user account management, and developing marketing strategies on behalf of the online platform and artists, to increase awareness, find buyers, and promote the organisation to potential funders. Manage volunteers and develop the sustainability of the project.

2005 - 2016

Fife Artists Together Enterprises
Board Member
Co-ordinate volunteers and artists. Develop international relationships with other artists, mainly located in USA, Russia and Czech Republic. Develop publicity materials (print & web). Develop art exhibitions with other volunteers in Scotland and Czech Republic. Project management and development

2005 - 2015

Self Employed
Delivered commercial services in Graphic/Web Design, Film Production and Photography.

2010 - present

Loch of Shining Waters
Board Member & Volunteer
Engaging with residents, local groups and local authority to raise issues of concern and local positives. Developing online presence, writing press releases, and designing a range of print marketing materials. Coordinating volunteers. Communicating with staff and board members. Ongoing project development with board members. Filming (including editing) and photography. Article writing. Developing community based projects and initiatives, and developing sustainable services to further support the development of the organisation and it’s stated aims & objectives.

2010 - Jan 2017

Web of Trust
Research and review websites that are considered malicious (i.e. – fraudulent sites, virus/malware/adware/ransomware sites, identity theft sites, sites that breach privacy rules, etc.). Contribute and engage positively with core members and the general users to help collectively contribute to a safer internet.

2012 - present

Lochgelly Community Development Forum
Board Member
Provide graphic design, web design, photographic and video production support. Resolve I.T. related issues (computer software errors, etc.). Help board members during any planned events with duties including, marshalling parades, supporting other volunteers in their roles, manning stalls, engaging with members of the public, etc.

2012 - October 2016

Scotland Against Spin
Board Member
Provide technical support to other volunteers such as I.T. maintenance, resolving software issues, etc. Providing graphic design support. Maintaining online server and implementing code changes on website. Providing support to volunteers in using Content Management Systems.

2012 - present

Lochgelly Christmas Lights
Committee member

Work with residents and community groups to help supp0rt the work of volunteers in the development of a Christmas Lights event for the Lochgelly area. Support community groups and volunteers on the day with various activities including crowd monitoring, photography, video production, support, setting-up and cleaning up the area once the event is finished.

2013 - Sep 2015

Lochgelly Community Council
Secretary, Chairperson
Engage with residents, local representatives (community groups, local authorities, councilors), and other Community Councillors. Provided web support to the Secretary for the LCC website and provide graphic design support when required. Highlight planning issues and engage effectively with developers and planning department. Attend meetings and committees. Disseminate public information into the public domain.

2010 - 2016

Lochgelly Gala
Committee Member

Work with residents and community groups to help supp0rt the work of volunteers in the development of a Gala for the Lochgelly area. Support community groups and volunteers on the day with various activities including crowd monitoring, photography, video production, support, setting-up and cleaning up the area once the gala is finished.

2014 - 2016

Informal Working Group
To engage with community groups across Fife, Fife Council planners and Councillors to consider the current planning application process in Fife Council with reference to visualisations and residential amenity considerations, including lessons learned from Department of Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) appeal decision letters and specific issues raised by the local representatives and other parties around visual and residential impact. The credibility and usefulness of submitted photomontages and the need to ensure a robust and logical assessment of the planning issues is set out in a transparent and easily understood format in officer reports were also key elements in this improvement process.

Apr 2015 - present

Design Fife
Self Employed
Delivering commercial services in Graphic Design and Web Design

2015 - present

Lochgelly Going Forward
Work with community based groups, residents, and local representatives (Local Authority, Councillors, etc.) to collect local views for the development of a Community Action Plan.

2015 - present

Blueprint Scotland
Board Member
Review proposals under the Community Empowerment Bill and develop services that will help empower local communities across Scotland with the aim for sustainable community developments. Engage with other board members and volunteers to develop organisation. Provide support to groups and individuals that wish to develop community based projects that seek ownership of local assets for the benefit of the wider community.

Nov 2015 - Present

Growing in Lochgelly
Board Member

Work with other members to help develop projects within the Lochgelly area. Provide media support and help with projects.

Apr 2016 - Present

Twitter (Insider)

Work with other members and Twitter representatives to help provide feedback and advice to companies and advertisers that operate on the social media platform Twitter to help improve their engagement rates.

Feb 2017 - present

BETA Tester

Run the Adguard BETA application for Android, testing and reporting any bugs found to the Adguard developers and Adguard community.

Mar 2017 - May 2017

Candidate for Council Elections
Independnent & Election Agent

Stood as an Independent Candidate in the Lochgelly, Cardenden and Benarty political ward. Duties included campaign management, liaison with press and local authority, design and distribution of campaign literature, press releases, and public engagement.  Preference summary report:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
263 227 533 396 110 108 44

May 2017 - present

Graphic/Web Design

Business development in partnership with two other members in the creation of a Personal Assistant management company which includes various design services to support sole traders and small to medium businesses.

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Graphic Design

Experienced graphic designer from large scale commercial branding and marketing to design materials for small start-ups. I use a range of software including various Adobe products.

Web Design

Very experienced WordPress theme developer with commercial working knowledge in PHP, CSS, and HTML. My skills are very adaptable to other CMS online projects and shopping cart software.

Video Editing

Experienced in using Adobe Premiere with working knowledge of Adobe After Effects


Experienced cameraman working with low end and high end video production equipment.