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Team Anster

Recently I’ve had the pleasure to complete some design work for a wonderful group of people who have formed their own business and community group coalition, named ‘Team Anster‘.

Team Anster was initially set-up to promote the many businesses that operate in Anstruther that are not necessarily on the main drag, Shore Street. Shore Street is often the main tourist draw, with visitors very rarely exploring the hidden gems and charms in the wider area. To encourage and promote the wider Anstruther area, a group of local businesses formed Team Anster, and since their initial formation have grown and expanded, with membership extended to businesses throughout Anstruther and inclusive of community groups.

The group are keen to promote Anstruther, both locally and nationally, that they’ve established a working group to develop an A4 pamphlet (amongst other initiatives) that will be distributed throughout local venues and business premises. I had the fortune to work with several members of Team Anster, and with an open remit on the design, I began my creative work.

The toughest part of the work was creating a map of Anstruther. This is the first time I’ve undertaken such a project, and the map went through many revisions at my end before I was happy and confident with the work I produced. The second toughest part of the work was making sure every business was as accurately located as possible in such a small space. Being a stranger to the area, this aspect required strong communication skills between myself and team members to ensure minimal revision work. I am happy to say the mapping of the local businesses went very smooth in large part due to the very clear instructions from the Team Anster members.

The leaflet is now complete and is with the printer. This should be ready for collection and distribution in the next few days. This is only the first part of their strategy to promote Anstruther. Members are currently busily organising events for this winter and planning other local opportunities, which they will announce in due course.

Working closely with the group, it has been a fantastic opportunity to learn about the variety of businesses in Anstruther, but most importantly (for myself), was the opportunity to explore all the hidden nooks and crannies to find all the gems in Anster. I wish the group every success as they continue to move forward!

Team Anster

If anyone would like further information about Team Anster, you can reach out to them using the details below:

Twitter: @teamanster
Secretary: Martin Dibley, Team Anster, c/o Pets Pantry, 56 High Street East, Anstruther, Fife, KY10 3DH

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