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Global Rigging Services

Recently a former client (Global Rigging Services) approached me looking to upgrade their website which I originally built for them over a year ago. The customer had updated their logo using a third party and wanted their website to reflect their new brand.

Apart from changing the colour scheme, GRS wanted to remove some of their listed services and update the copy across the site including refreshing the images they’ve been using for the website.

To best support the customer and to ensure that their website works for them, I took the opportunity to review and renew code where possible and give the site a complete overhaul from coding to visuals. This was important to do as I wanted to follow best practice for search engines which constantly evolves.

I tested the website across multiple mobile devices to ensure maximum compatibility for the end users. This is increasingly important as mobile data has accounted for 52.2 percent of all internet traffic, so far, in 2018.

Lastly, as a free extra, I updated their video on their website which they wanted integrated into the re-design of their website.

You can view their website at:

Anyone interested in my work you can view the services I offer at: or just get in touch below in the comments!

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