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Create your own professional videos with RenderForest

Recently I’ve been looking at various Kinetic Typography projects to see what others are creating in the genre. Kinetic Typography is an animation technique for mixing text and motion to convey a message.

When looking for inspiration for a new project I’ve been considering, I stumbled across a site that allows registered members to create their own Kinetic Typography projects online, RenderForest.

The site boasts that it has a simple easy-to-use online editor and after browsing their templates directory, which has projects ranging from promotional videos, explainer animations, kinetic typography, logo reveals, intros/outros, etc. I decided to test the site out.

I signed up for the free account to test the features. Straight away I could tell that the team behind the site have focused very heavily on ease-of-use. You don’t need technical ability to develop something attractive and professional looking.

Renderforest has a large directory of templates that can be edited online. To download a template once modified, users have the option of a free or paid subscription charged monthly or yearly, or members can export projects for free or for a small fee with costs varying depending on the quality of the export (SD 360, HD720, HD1080).

Subscription plans are fairly priced and the obvious choice for someone who is planning a few video projects would be to opt for the HD1080 Business option to ensure that projects created are exported in high definition.

For those that are looking at a one-off project then the ‘pay per export’ plan is more appropriate. The free option restricts the quality to SD 360 with watermarks for RenderForest, which I feel is only useful for demonstration purposes.

Watermark example

Watermark example

Removing the watermark costs $9.99, yet the quality is still SD 360. Personally the minimum export I would opt for is the HD720 at $19.99, but at that point I may as well spend another $10 to export in HD1080.

Although I found the site looking for Kinetic Typography projects, I ended up testing the Explainer Video Toolkit. This allows you to choose scenes, modify text and other options, and then compile the scenes in the order you want.

Projects can be further personalized by adding your own logos, images and graphics.

Once you are happy with a project, there is options to access their stock library of music or upload your own. When the music is selected (or step skipped) you can render the project for preview and/or download. The render process was surprisingly quick.

Rendering Process

Rendering Process

All in all, the process was quick and effective with professional looking results.

If you run a small to medium business, or a community group or charity, looking to develop a small video for your website (or for other purposes), the site offers a cost-effective solution without breaking the bank.

Likewise if you are looking to develop a small personal project such as a video image slideshow, or intro/outro screens for your YouTube channel, or anything else, RenderForest can help with your project at low cost.


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