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Election videos

Part of my background is in video production, which I have put to use for Loch of Shining Waters filming and editing local community events such as the Lochgelly Gala, Christmas Lights, Fife Youth Jazz Orchestra and the New Year’s Dook by the Benarty Fundraisers.

Using my skills, I created a small infographic type election/campaign video for myself which relies on graphics and text, as I really hate being in front of the camera.

Recently the Courier has been in touch with all candidates in the Fife area asking for a short 30-60 second video. Since I hate being filmed, I had hoped to submit a kinetic typography video to the Courier. The video was vetoed by friends, family, and myself as we reckoned it would be better to have a head-shot and talking piece, much to my horror.

Below is the final video that was submitted to the Courier, the audio is poor quality, sorry. Due to time constraints and limited audio editing software I couldn’t remove the interference from the wind.

Hopefully I won’t have to be in front of a video camera for a long while!

Any community based group in the Central Fife area that would like a film produced on their project, please make contact through Loch of Shining Waters and one of the volunteers will get back to you.

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Tech geekery, blogging, volunteering, graphic/web design, photography, digital activism and community-based campaigns are some of the things that I am passionate about.

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