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CFT Hustings 2 – Councillor Transparency & Accountability

As part of the local election coverage by Central Fife Times, all standing candidates have been given the opportunity to submit up to 150 words on any topic they wish, each week until polling day. My second hustings piece focuses on Accountability and Transparency of Councillors.

We elect and pay councillors to represent us, but how good a job are they really doing?

Unless you attend Council meetings, you don’t know what contribution councillors make, or even how they vote, as this is not routinely recorded.

No central record of councillor attendance at Fife Council or community council meetings is available, so councillors can moonlight repeatedly without you realising.

The Register of Interests is inconsistent and not regularly maintained so you can’t know when councillors should be declaring an interest.

I want all committee meetings filmed and broadcast live with an online archive; how a councillor votes publicly recorded; individual attendance records at committee meetings etc posted on Fifedirect; and the Register of Interests updated annually with full details about gifts or hospitality accepted or refused.

Improving the transparency and accountability of councillors through these simple, inexpensive steps would rebuild trust in our elected representatives.

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