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Letter to the Editor – Football Hub

I read with interest your article (“Park will be base for £1.6m soccer hub”) which I am sure will be a welcome investment for some sections within the local community.

However, I am a bit sceptical over the timing of this announcement which is hot on the heels of Health & Wellbeing champion Councillor Mark Hood’s recent threats to close Muir Park. This threat was made after Cllr Hood blamed footballers for damaging the red ash area at Lochgelly Public Park. Residents were quick to defend themselves against the slurs from Cllr Hood, only to be further set upon by the councillor referring to them as ‘bairns’, ‘big man’, before dangling the prospect of a new football pitch with the question ‘will they vandalize it?’.

Cllr Hood’s tone is certainly not befitting of his position as a senior councillor. Residents’ call for an apology fell on deaf ears.

And now the community is being promised a football pitch – again. This carrot has been dangled before. Looking back at notes for Lochgelly Community Council, a report by Cllr Hood promised a new football pitch would be completed at the park by April 2015. Promises of a football pitch were also made on his website, but unfortunately Cllr Hood has removed his website for reasons known only to himself.

When questioned on funding and timescales for the football ‘hub’ on facebook, Cllr Hood reluctantly admitted that there is no budget allocated, nor is there any timescale in place but he did add he would expect it to take up to two years.

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