Freelance Web/Graphic designer, photographer & community campaigner
Born in Lochgelly, I have stayed in the town most of my life, where I was bringing up my own family before moving to North East Fife in June 2018. As an active volunteer and community activist for over 15 years, I have worked with socially excluded youths and individuals, and served on the Lochgelly Going Forward committee to create the Lochgelly Community Action Plan as well as numerous other groups supporting Lochgelly Gala, Christmas Lights and Growing in Lochgelly among others. I was also secretary and then chair of Lochgelly Community Council.

As co-founder and spokesman for the hyper-local Loch of Shining Waters, I have used Freedom of Information to promote greater scrutiny of the local authority and our elected representatives. I also co-founded the national campaign group Scotland Against Spin in 2012, lobbied the Scottish Government and was instrumental in making sure Little Raith Wind Farm was included in the Scottish Government commissioned “Wind Farm Impacts Study”.

I continue to volunteer with LoSW and other community groups both in Lochgelly and North East Fife whilst earning a living from self-employed graphic and web design.